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Procedure recipe application for thyreoïdum

Patients can reach us by having their doctor send a valid prescription (eventually with prescription refills) and then wait for the delivery of their medication, preferably without calling us or without emailing us. The time between the application of a recipe and home delivery usually takes about two weeks. The doctor needs about 1-3 working days to review the recipe application, to create a prescription for it and to forward it to us. The pharmacy needs about 1-3 days to prepare the recipe and make it ready for delivery, and then the parcel service needs approximately 1-3 working days to deliver the package. 

It is important that every thyroid patient submits a new recipe application at least two weeks before his medication ends and that he / she has no new original recipe available anymore. 

And that he / she informs the pharmacy at least one week in advance via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if he / she wants to use a still outstanding prescription refill, should this still be available. The pharmacy will always contact the patient when a desired delivery of the medicine will deviate from above outlined through external circumstances.

If you have any questions about thyreoïdum you may initially contact your doctor.

It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure that he / she has plenty of alternatives available in case any deliveries of thyreoïdum capsules or tablets are not possible. The above procedure also applies to alternatives for the application of recipes through our pharmacy until home delivery.

Submitting a recipe application:

In addition to this, a recipe application may be submitted to the NatuurApotheek as follows. The secure connectivity options for sending recipes to us are:

  1.  (for doctors only)
  2. The NatuurApotheek fax: +31 15 3614455 (for doctors only)
  3. The NatuurApotheek by post: The NatuurApotheek, Bocholtzerweg 14 c, 6369 TG Simpelveld - The Netherlands (doctors and patients)
What needs to be on the prescription or what information is needed by the pharmacy to process your prescription?
  1. The NAW contact details of your doctor including phone number or email address.
  2. Your surname, initials, date of birth, billing address, delivery address (if different from billing address), mobile number, email address.
  3. The strength of your thyreoïdum tablet or capsule, for example thyreoïdum tablets 60 mg, the amount of pieces of tablets or capsules, e.g. 180 pieces, the daily dose in number at a time and per day, for example 2 times a day 3 tablets of 60 mg, and the number of allowable repeats of the recipe, for example, repeat recipe 3x, or repeat recipe for up to 1 year after the present recipe-date. In the Netherlands, the law provides that a recipe can never be prescribed for longer than one year. If one of these details is missing, the doctor should complete this information on your prescription. It is important to discuss this with your doctor to ensure that all this information comes on the recipe. When nevertheless the information on the recipe is not complete it will be fine if you can complete the recipe yourself with the correct additional information towards the pharmacy in an accompanying email.

If one or more of these details are missing, your prescription can not be accounted for and certainly not be prepared, which leads to unnecessary ways of communication and delays in delivery. It is therefore particularly in your own interest to carefully monitor this.

Because the supply of the raw material thyreoïdum to produce thyreoïdum capsules or tablets is as yet uncertain, we want to extradite for up to 3 months of medication to everyone to fairly share our stock among patients. Then of course, patients will get a prescription refill from the pharmacy to apply for the remainder of the recipe at the pharmacy later in time through this prescription refill. A patient can only appeal for a prescription refill at the pharmacy when he / she has previously received a prescription refill from the pharmacy at his / her home (a separate note which states that the current recipe can be repeated for this long or so many times). In all other cases, a new prescription from the doctor is necessary.

There two ways to appeal for a prescription refill of thyreoïdum at the pharmacy by the patient:
  1. By mailing the prescription refill digitally (scanned / readable photo) to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  2. By sending the original prescription refill by post to: The NatuurApotheek, Bocholtzerweg 14 c, 6369 TG Simpelveld - The Netherlands


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