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Raw herbs in TCM





Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis: "Boeddha's hand"

The NatuurApotheek also delivers TCM medication in the form of raw herbs. After careful consideration and searching well we have teamed up with two suppliers in Germany, in whom we have great confidence and who can provide us controlled herbs with a reliable analysis certificate. One company is the German pharmaceutical wholesaler CAELO who now also has TCM herbs in her range. 

The other company is 
CHINA MEDICA . This company has been around since 1979, so has more than 30 years of experience and is affiliated with Erich Stöger, the man who translated the Chinese Pharmacopoeia to German and has adapted for use in Western Europe. Later he also co-works on the third edition of the Materia Medica of Dan Bensky. Some herbs are grown in Germany as real organic farming even! 

In this context it is also interesting to take notice of the methods of cooking (preparing) of herbs in the Far East.
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